Did you know that your heater is intended to help cool an engine? It's equipped with a heat exchanger known as the Chevrolet C3500 heater core. This part is pretty much as your radiator in your cooling system. The main task of this part is to produce warm air using the hot coolant entering its lines. This operation can both heat the passenger cabin and the, cool the engine.

Your Chevrolet C3500 heater core is situated under the dash panel. It's made up of either brass or aluminum tubing in the protective covering of fins. The heater core has an tubes that are for collecting and releasing coolant. The particular level of high temperature air that's released out to the cab is typically controlled through a level on the dashboard.

Eventually, your heater core will also get damaged. You do not need to withstand low overall performance or replace the entire assembly to restore your Chevrolet C3500 heater core performance. Parts Train sells OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement products for you to select from.