The proper temperature inside the cabin of your Chevrolet is very important to the convenience of your every drive. Your Chevy model is specifically designed to give you the right temperature that you need in various driving conditions. When driving in summer, you are assured of easy access to cool air with your Chevrolet AC. When driving through the snow of winter, you also have your Chevy heater to work for you. How convenient it would be if all these components and their sub-components are always in proper working condition. What you need to do is to properly maintain all these so that they will always be available whenever you need them. Take your Chevrolet heater core, for instance.

The heater core is but a simple component that is installed below the dashboard of your vehicle at its right side. It is a small radiator that is covered with a heater box. It is a supporting device to the radiator. While it works to provide the heat to the passenger compartment, it actually aids in cooling the coolant that is utilized by the radiator to gather heat from the engine. The heat from the coolant is transferred to the heater core with the help of a fan, and this heat is then the one used to warm you and your passengers in times when you need it.

The efficiency of the heater core affects not only the heating inside your auto cabin but as well as the engine cooling. Its failure may have various effects. One of them is driving inconvenience, especially when you find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm one winter night. You might end up frozen inside your Chevy without any heat coming out of the heater core. Heater core damage may also result to the leaking of the coolant, which will also have a grave effect on the engine's cooling system.

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