You should be aware of the presence of a Cadillac Seville heater core in your auto that channels high temperature water right under your feet each time you turn the heater on. The hot water that passes through the heater core underneath the passenger compartment's sheet metal flooring is actually the same liquid that keeps the engine cool at all times — the coolants. The fluid that passes through the heater core is the same liquid that passes through the radiator as part of the engine cooling process. Although the engine cooling system and the heating system is as far as any two systems can get just by their names, they are actually intertwined and work together at some point during your ride.

The task of the engine cooling system is to drive away the heat of the engine components by letting coolants absorb the heat in metal engine parts. Since the heat is of no use to the engine nor is it needed in the engine cooling system after the coolants have absorbed it, heating system developers have thought of channeling the heat through the heater core and contribute to producing enough heat to keep the passengers warm during winters and the cold season. At times when the Cadillac Seville heater core was not yet invented, the passengers are warmed by the heating system that employs either an electric heater or a gas-fired heater.

The invention of the Cadillac Seville heater core supports the wide campaign for recycling which could save valuable resources in your vehicle such as fuel or energy stored in the car battery. Although the heater core is more efficient to use since it can save energy compared to electric and gas-fired heaters, it should be kept and maintained in excellent working condition to get the most out of it. Just like every other component in your auto, the Cadillac Seville heater core may fail because of old age or over use. Corrosion and leaks are among some of the phenomena that can weaken the heater core.

One important thing to remember is to replace the coolants in your vehicle at least once every two years and corrosion will not easily build up on the heater core. At times when your Cadillac Seville heater core fails to provide you with the much needed hot air during the cold season, you can count on Parts Train to provide you with a replacement heater core at the soonest possible time. All you have to do is to visit our website and order from there.