Every driver would definitely love to drive a Cadillac because of its prestige, comfort, and performance which have brought pride to its makers through its years in the industry. But, what really makes up the Cadillac vehicle that you yourself have found very rewarding to possess? Aside from the beauty that will surely captivate you, Cadillac boasts of the modern technology that its performance parts are made of. One of these parts is the Cadillac heater core.

The heater core is a component of the heating system, a system that is actually a part of the cooling system of the engine. This internal part is basically like the cooling system's radiator, but only a lot smaller. It is also finned and draws hot coolant from the cylinder head, the same coolant that the cooling system uses in its operation. After the hot coolant has passed through the heater core, the part manages to return it to the pump, and that makes the last stage of the cooling process.

The Cadillac heater core performs two functions, for comfort and for performance. The heater core can provide heat in the passenger compartment through the air stream. This can be done by the heat and air conditioning adjuster or the heater knob that is latent with older models of automobiles. It can also add to the overall performance of your drive because it serves as the secondary cooling system of the engine when things go wrong, especially during engine overheating. These functions make this internal part a vital need.

Due to the clear importance of the Cadillac heater core in the overall performance of your vehicle, you have to make sure that this internal part is always in its tip top condition. As your auto ages, all its parts are subjected to wear and contaminants that may imperil each part. Maintenance is therefore a must. When wear or damage starts to settle in, replacement is needed if you wish to optimize your driving comfort and performance.

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