Your car's heating unit is actually secondary cooling system. It's built with a heat exchanger referred to as the Buick Skylark heater core. This component functions pretty much the same as your radiator on your cooling system. The primary function of of your heater core is create hot air using the hot coolant collected into its tubes. This will eventually warm the cab and also cool an engine.

Typically, your Buick Skylark heater core is behind your control panel. The first part you'll see is the fins that are attached to brass or aluminum tubes. The heater core comes with inlet and outlet designed for receiving and discharging coolant. The actual quantity of warm air that is vented out to the cab is usually controlled via a switch tab on the control panel.

Misuse, its difficult functions, and time-incurred damage will ultimately take toll on your current heater core. You don't have to endure bad overall performance or even replace the whole system to restore your Buick Skylark heater core functions. Parts Train distributes OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement units, which you can choose from.