Your ride serves not only as transport, but also as a retreat from the unpleasant conditions in the outdoors. In hot weather, the vehicle's air-con unit is what cools down the air inside the cabin, while it's the Bmw X3 heater core that assists in keeping you heated and cozy in winter. A heater core is effectively a smaller copy of your vehicle's radiator, where the warm coolant provided by the powerplant is passed via a twisting pipe. A fan guides air along the heater core, allowing the heat to dissipate and be brought to the cabin.

Your car's heater core can be cracked, causing it to leak, or it could become blocked. You must change your vehicle's heater core quickly if you discover that it is defective. You don't have to deal with feeling like an ice cream popsicle when you can readily buy a top-notch replacement Bmw X3 heater core.

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