'The ultimate driving machine' - this is what the German technology Bavarian Motor Works Company prides itself when it comes to the flashy yet high technology automobiles that it manufactures and introduces. The performance of its models is basically the output of the high end engine system and the subsystems that support it. Even the smallest performance parts have been crafted for quality and reliability. One of these is the BMW heater core of the auto's heating system.

The BMW heating system is actually a subsystem of its engine cooling system. This system is very much alike the cooling system, though much smaller. It is also composed of an automotive fan and a small radiator which is called the heater core. It is the last component through which the coolant passes after absorbing the heat from the engine cylinders and right before it returns to the water pump. Because of this, the heating system of your BMW actually works regardless of the state of the thermostat of the cooling system.

The heater core is the main component of the heating system. It is a finned water to air exchanger and is a radiator counterpart in the system. Its function is twofold: to provide heat to the passenger compartment's air stream and to serve as the secondary cooling system of your BMW when the engine erratically overheats. These functions are made possible through an accessible heater adjuster on the dashboard. The heat is then concentrated in the heater box which is located behind the dashboard of your vehicle.

BMW is one of the major automobiles that embody elegance and high performance with the help of modern technology and accurate engineering. Each of its components, the BMW heater core included, is of premium quality. Because of components like the heater core, you are guaranteed of driving comfort no matter what the driving condition is.

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