Audi is known for its performance and stylish look throughout the years of its existence. After so many model evolutions and succession of owners, it is still the same high end automobile that boasts driving comfort and style. The comfort that you get from your Audi model is the result of performance parts and systems like the heating system. The heater of your Audi is very important when the temperature inside the passenger compartment starts to drop. It works to keep you properly warm with the help of the Audi heater core.

The heater core is the most important part of the heating system. This system is actually a part of the engine cooling system and works to act as the secondary cooling system of the vehicle when the temperature of the engine gets very high. It serves as an outlet of the heat that the coolant absorbs from the engine. This heat is the same heat that you enjoy inside the passenger compartment which is released when you turn on the heater knob on the control panel of the dashboard.

The Audi heater core is a miniature replica of the radiator in your auto. Located underneath the right side dashboard, it has a covering heater box which directs the heat concentrated to the air stream in the vehicle. The heat enters the passenger compartment through the same outlet that the air from the AC passes through in your dashboard. With the heater core functioning well, the comfort inside your Audi is maintained while the emergencies in the engine are managed.

Because of the importance of the Audi heater core, maintenance should be properly administered to it like regular cleaning and washing. Periodic visits to your reliable handyman should also be observed for the peak performance that you need from it. As your vehicle ages, this important part also ages with it, making it more susceptible to the negative effects that wear and the harsh environment bring to the entire automobile.

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