Your Acura automobile is a magnificent driving machine that manages to give you all the comfort and luxury of your home in such a compact size. Aside from the air conditioning that gives you cool air, it is also equipped with a heater when the temperature starts to dip beyond what you can stand. Known for its exceptional technology and beauty, your Acura model has enough performance parts to keep you on the mood even on winter days. It has an Acura heater core.

The Acura heater core is finned water to air heat exchanger that is positioned underneath the front passenger's dashboard. It looks like the radiator but is much smaller and is usually covered with a heater box for protection. The heater core is an internal part of the vehicle and is a component of the heating system. It works to provide heating air to the passenger compartment through a knob that is located at the control panel of the dashboard. Although not as important to the performance parts, this component is very important to the people inside the auto.

The heater core produces heat via the coolant that enters it through a hose from the cylinder head. Because of the fan present in the system, the heat that is gathered by the coolant is absorbed by the air flowing in the heater core. This heat is reserved for heating purposes. The heater in your auto is opened through the same windows where the air coming from the AC also enters. It is then connected to the heater knob for an easy access to its operation in the passenger compartment.

Although the heating system is not as famed as the cooling system of your vehicle, it is very versatile. The heater can either work as a catch basin for the heated coolant, which becomes the actual source of heat inside your auto, or as a secondary cooling aid for the engine when overheating occurs. When the engine overheats, opening up all the windows and running the heater with the fan in full blast will help solve the problem. This will bring your Acura engine back to its normal temperature.

Performing parts of even high end vehicles like your Acura also give in to the pressures of wearing as time moves by. Ordinary wear and tear may weaken your heater core after a long time, thus you need to replace it. Parts Train is the exact site from which you can get aftermarket replacement for your Acura heater core. Aside from this, Parts Train also offers a complete line of auto parts and accessories for various vehicle makes and models. Visit us now and search for your needed auto part without worry.