Car Heater Cores

We usually don't care about our vehicle's heating system during summer. But do you know that you can also use the heating system of your auto even if it's not cold? You must have already heard the advice that when your car's engine overheats, you must run the heater with the fan at full blast while all the windows are open. The reason behind this is that the heating system can act as a secondary cooling system for your vehicle. In fact, the heating system is but a part of the engine cooling system. And that's possible thanks to the heater core, the component that allows you to enjoy warmth in your ride's cabin during extremely cold weather.

This component is actually a small radiator that aids the primary radiator in cooling the coolant. Just like the radiator in front of your engine, your car heater core is a finned, liquid-to-air heat exchanger. It can be found underneath the right side of your vehicle's dashboard, usually covered by a heater box. The primary function of this heating system component is to give off heat to the passenger compartment air stream. This function, however, is but a result of its secondary function, which is to cool the hot coolant from the engine.

Coolant that has absorbed the heat of the engine enters the heater core through a hose connected to the engine's cylinder head. With the aid of a blower fan, the heat carried by the coolant is transferred to the air flowing around and through the heater core's fins. Having been partially cooled, the coolant then flows back to the coolant pump to be recirculated through the engine's water jackets.

Failure to take proper care of this heating system component may cause, among other things, coolant leaks, heater failure, and engine overheating. So while it's still working properly, better give it enough proper care and maintenance. Make sure that the heater hose, or the tube where the hot coolant passes through, is free from leaks and damage. Maintenance of heater cores is done by inspecting and, if necessary, cleaning them from time to time. It would also be good to replace the coolant you use during recommended intervals to keep residues from accumulating and possibly blocking the coolant lines.

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