Picture an automobile devoid of safety switches and you'll get a vehicle with all of the electric add-ons turned on each time the engine system gets brought to life. Even worst, these types of add-ons will not last long and the engine will have diminished functional life. To resist the possibility of these, you are equipped with the Volvo 265 headlight switch along with different switches found on the steering column.

This switch will connect the electric device towards a power supply when activated. This particular switch is then connected to the relay, which in turn, hoards electricity from the main supply of energy of the vehicle.

Problems on the Volvo 265 headlight switch contact and over-use will be the prevalent origins of its problems. When this occurs, an alternative by AC Delco, Beck Arnley, Crown, Febi, and Lucas is the only real remedy; get your chosen replacement unit only at Parts Train!