Car Headlight Lens

You may not see it like in a time-lapse footage, but you know it-your car's headlight lens is getting cloudier each day. No matter how crystal clear your headlight lenses were when your car was brand-new, all they need is around two or three years to start getting cloudy, foggy, or yellowish. The usual causes of such lens degradation are wind blasting, scratching, and exposure to UV rays and the different weathers.

Discoloration starts on the lens' external surface and works its way inward. That's why no matter how often and vigorous you clean your headlight lenss, you can't seem to make them as clear as they once were. If ignored, lens fogginess could reach a point where it significantly reduces your headlight beam's brightness. Getting more powerful headlight bulbs isn't going to help if the lenses have already grown blurred. The ever-popular high-intensity discharge (HID) headlight conversion kits won't work either and you'll just be putting additional load on your car's electrical system. One possible solution to this is using a lens restoration kit.

Such car headlight lens cleaning kit usually consists of a sanding pad, a buffing or polishing pad, a drill adapter, and some lens restoring compounds. The kit is fairly easy to use, since it comes with instructions. But basically, all you have to do is sand the surface of the lens to even out the scratches and nicks. Then, stick one of the pads to the backing pad on the drill adapter (that is, if the adapter and the foam backing pad form a single unit). Attach the adapter to a drill or a small electrical polisher, and then gently buff the lens with the foam and the cleaning compound that came with the kit. You can repeat the process until you're satisfied.

Now, if that doesn't solve your blurry headlight lens problem, or you simply don't like exerting any effort doing such methods, you can always go for the easiest solution: replace your headlight lenses. It's quicker and far less complicated to do than restoring them, though it will probably make you shell out more than you would if you buy a restoration kit. Well, just weigh your preferences. Would you like to do some sanding and buffing? Or would you prefer getting a new lens kit altogether?

Whichever option you choose, you got Parts Train to back you up. We got lens restoration kits from the trusted auto detailing companies in the industry. We also offer high-impact plastic headlight lens sets certified street-legal by SAE and DOT. Plus, these lenses offer less weight, better reflector surfaces for improved beam output, and clearer lens designs. And the best thing about these is they are all affordable and easily available at Parts Train.