The automotive lighting system plays a very important role in the safety and comfort of all drivers. It allows you to drive freely no matter what the time is because the lights allow you to see what's up ahead. But in order to get the most of your lights it is important that that you know how to take care of it so it lasts longer and shine brighter. For one, the location of the headlights makes it vulnerable to cracks and breaks because of accidental bumps. It is important though that you check your headlights because you do not want it to die on you, especially a long way from home.

To be able to give it the attention it truly deserves, one should know the ins and outs of the headlight. Ignorance is one reason why certain things and issues are not given the much needed attention they should be given. There are two types of headlights according to construction, the sealed beam and the composite type. They both have the same components such as the bulb, the lens, the filament, the reflectors, and the headlight housing. The only difference is that the sealed beam components are encased in a glass lens in as one unit while the composite type is separate from each other. Meaning, damage or defect on any component of the sealed beam means a replacement of the whole assembly while in the component you can just replace the part that is damaged or defective.

These components each contribute to the overall function of the headlight. The bulb is the specific component that lights up when the headlight is switched. The light source of the headlight can be a filament or arc and can be tungsten filament or tungsten-halogen filaments, HID light or high intensity discharge sources, and LED or light-emitting diode sources. Each type would give the necessary light needed to illuminate the road ahead and of course depending on what you like on your he4adlight. The lens is the clear cover, either the glass or plastic that covers over the headlight. The reflectors are the parabolic cone made of extremely vaporized aluminum deposited on a metal, glass or plastic base. The headlight housing is the back frame that holds the headlight bulbs in place.

The law requires that all vehicles are installed with working headlights. And that includes all the components in the assembly. Bulbs should be replaced if it fails and headlamp aim should be adjusted. Lens should be replaced when cracked or broken to avoid entry of water. In Parts Train, you can get a Chevrolet Venture Headlight Housing as well as all other components of the light assembly.