Car Headlight Housings

Headlights keep us safe every time we drive our vehicles in low-visibility conditions. Without car headlights, driving at night or in bad weather is not only hard but is also extremely dangerous. For this reason, drivers rarely delay replacing the headlight bulb, wiring, or fuse when those parts fail. But somehow it's due to the focus on these primary headlight assembly parts that make the headlight housing somewhat taken for granted.

Installed just behind the headlight bulbs, this component is what supports a whole headlight assembly, which basically and usually consists of the headlight bulb, reflector, rim, socket, and lens. The socket holds the bulb and connects it to the battery. The reflector positions the bulb in the right spot in relation to the lens and helps magnify the headlight beam brightness. Lastly, the lens sufficiently focuses and diffuses the beam so you get a good view of the road while driving at night. So where exactly does your car headlight housing come in?

A smart-ass but technically correct answer to that is: you can't really tell where it joins the headlight operation equation-because the part has been there all the time. And that's probably the reason why such an important headlight component is rarely inspected until it fails the assembly. Back in the day, headlight housings were usually made of fiberglass or plastic. The thing with such materials, however, is that they could crack after some time. And since using plaster or resin or other sorts of broken stuff sealers are not really ideal repair methods, more and more people in the auto industry started producing and using housings made of metal. Problem with such material though is that it could corrode if it's not stainless steel, which is heavy, or aluminum. Thus, both plastic and metal housings are being manufactured today.

Now, as to installing a headlight housing, it depends on the configuration of your ride. Different vehicle makes and models have different front-end assembly set ups. Some housings can be replaced by simply removing the bolts that secure them in place beside the grille and by carefully sliding them in/out. On the other hand, there are some vehicles that require the removal of the bumper and probably a dozen of bolts before you can replace the headlamp housing.

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