That old, factory Volvo 740 headlight bulb has been flickering for days,thus, you should replace it very soon or you might end up without headlights on the highway while it's dark. The bulb on the headlight of your Volvo 740, in all likelihood, is about to go out'cause of wear and tear. It's important to read your vehicle's manual prior to proceeding with the replacement work to know which kind of replacement headlight bulb you're looking for.

If you're modifying your Volvo 740, consider installing a different kind of replacement headlight bulb, like a xenon-type headlight bulb; incandescent headlight bulb is the other alternative but it's old and inefficient. You really don't have to drive your ride to the local auto repair shop'cause changing a defective headlight bulb is really easy. If you've been incandescent-type bulbs for headlights in the past, think about switching to halogen-type bulbs, which are more efficient and can generate more powerful illumination. Xenon headlight bulbs are pricier than halogen-type bulbs but they're less power-draining, thus, consider utilising these for your Volvo 740.

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