Car Headlight Bezels

Bulb, wire harness, socket, reflector, and lens-these are the basic parts of your ride's headlight assembly. Without the first three, your headlamp won't function at all; without the last two, your headlamp won't function as effectively as necessary. But there's another headlight assembly component without which you definitely wouldn't want to take your car out-the headlight bezel.

No matter what type of headlight assembly your car is equipped with, it must have a headlamp bezel. Surrounding the lens of your headlight, this component could serve as a trim that fastens the lens in place or as a mere accessory that completes the fascia of your ride. Now, whether each headlight bezel in your headlamp assemblies does both or not, there's no reason why you shouldn't treat it as an important part of your ride. After all, a missing or excessively worn bezel could easily ruin the look of your ride.

When looking for headlight bezel replacements for your ride, you probably already know that you can't have as much liberty as you have when choosing a bumper or car seat for instance. That's because when it comes to a headlight bezel's shape, you have no choice but to follow the shape of your headlight lenses: A bezel frames the lens, so it should of course follow the latter's shape. If you got a late model vehicle, its bezels' shape is probably rectangular, rhomboid, or almond-like. If your ride's too old or vintage-styled, on the other hand, it probably has those classic round headlight bezels rarely found in vehicles today.

As to material, a bezel can be made of chrome, plastic, and aluminum. Chrome and aluminum may lose their sheen over time, but they're good since they don't corrode and crack. Plastic also doesn't corrode, but it could crack when excessively worn out. So if you go for plastic bezels, make sure to get those that have been UV treated and injection-molded. Such processes ensure that a car headlight bezel will perfectly fit the headlight assembly and won't easily crack when exposed to different weathers.

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