A basic component of your own car is your Volvo 940 headlight assembly. When hitting the road after dark and through extreme weather conditions, you can use this lamp to illuminate the road or through rain streaks. For it to function appropriately, your headlamps are mounted securely on housings, which keeps them on the framework of the vehicle. It's connected to a switch on your dash or steering wheel and to a relay that in turn taps the electrical power source of the vehicle.

Your Volvo 940 headlight assembly is typically constructed as a sealed type of lamp. You have to to substitute your original sealed lamp as one part. A composite headlamp may be changed in a 'per part' , which is commonly an aftermarket lamp. Sealed or composite, your headlamp has distinct engineering and performance specifications that follow prevalent safety standards of a state and country.

In time, the Volvo 940 headlight assembly will wear or become irregular. You may opt to change this part with an OE-style or a composite aftermarket. Right here at Parts Train, we cater both types from world-class GT Styling, Wade Auto, Hella, or Replacement brands.