The Mercury Zephyr headlight assembly is an integral component in your car. This generates illumination whenever driving after dark and through bad weather circumstances. To enable this part to work appropriately, your headlamps are attached onto their housings that connects them onto the frame of an automobile. It is attached to its switch on the dash or steering wheel and to a relay , which in turn taps the electrical power source of the vehicle.

There are a couple of categories for your Mercury Zephyr headlight assembly according to its design, the sealed and the composite. You have to to substitute your original sealed lamp as one part. Aftermarket or replacement headlamps are categorized as composite lamps, meaning, its parts are replaceable. Performance taken into consideration, both lamp constructions are guaranteed to function effectively and last long under predetermined extreme circumstances.

In time, your Mercury Zephyr headlight assembly will wear or become damaged. You may opt to replace it with either sealed or a composite aftermarket. Get replacement from GT Styling, Wade Auto, Hella, or Replacement brand names as they are available at Parts Train!