Dog isn't man's best ally; at least, if you own and regularly drive an automobile, the headlight is. An effective, solid Volvo 940 headlight can literally spell the difference between avoiding an impending crash and going through physiotherapy in the nearest hospital. It's no wonder Volvo 940 headlights are usually top-notch. Your vehicle “sees” using these lights, and it should always have impeccable vision.

Even though loads of adjectives could be used to describe a high-quality, first-rate Volvo 940 headlight, the only real word that actually captures its role is “lifesaving.” Tear up your favorite off-road track, or beat your own personal time around the racetrack; just be sure you've got Volvo 940 lights to accompany you. Your headlights not merely provide illumination for the unpredictable roads ahead, they also warn other motorists of your presence. Like a bunch of warning flags, each headlight, your turn signal lights, side marker lights, brake lights, and whatever other safety lights are on your car all come together to show your vehicle's direction, intent, and size-for the benefit of other motorists. Your presence on the streets is announced accordingly, giving everybody else on the road a better chance of avoiding crashes with your car.

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