The auto light system on the Kia Sorento is one of the most important on its operation. It comes with numerous lights that are installed from the front end until to the rear end of the vehicle. Each of them holds distinct purpose or function and works hand in hand to make driving better and safer. The headlights and fog lights are employed to illuminate the front road giving the driver a clear vision as dark spots of the road are seen visibly. On the other hand, the corner lights, tail lights, and turn signal lights are warning devices for safety and comfortable driving. They are made of top class materials where exacting standards and tests are applied to ensure that their function and efficiency are maximized.

Of all the auto lights, the considered most important are the headlights. It is purposely designed to provide a clear vision to the front to clear the dark spots on the road. With that, the driver will enjoy the farther seeing distance during the night or dark times. Such auto lights can also help in times of unsympathetic weather conditions like foggy afternoons, thunderstorms, snowy days, and the like. Intentionally, the headlights are installed at the front end of an automobile specifically at the header panel. Considered as the vehicle's eyes, once it gets broken or even end up with a slight damage, it will surely affect your driving, making your drive precarious.

The headlights are offered in the market in different kinds, with varied designs, colors, materials and elements employed. The most popular is the halogen type. This type of headlights boasts a good capacity of providing good illumination. Its halogen component, also known as pressurized gas fills the halogen bulb. And since it's fragile, make sure to always use protective glasses in case the bulb is shattered during the process of replacing it. Another type is the LED headlights. This is proves to be a good option as well as it offers a maximized efficiency.

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