Car Headlights

If you don't know what a headlight is or what it's for, then you'd better have some pretty good car and medical insurance. See, the most important thing about driving is safety, making your headlights very integral in the proper operation of your car. Sure, you can still drive without functioning headlights, just not during the night or in any low-light conditions. That's because the act of driving entails that you see the road ahead of you. Otherwise, what you're doing isn't driving; it's simply endangering yours and other people's lives and property.

Due to the nature of their function, location, and the materials they're made of, headlights present a rather tricky situation in car design. Why? Well, for one thing, it's absolutely essential that they be placed up front, consistently lighting the road ahead of you so that you can avoid any and all obstacles. At the same time, for a headlight to be effective, it has to be made of some materials that are quite fragile: glass, reflectors, electrical connectors, etc.-with their only physical protection being the outer fiberglass lens that curves with your car's front chassis.

Where's the design problem? Given the characteristics of a car headlight mentioned above, it's an essential part that's quite prone to punishment. If and when you're involved in any sort of collision to the front of your vehicle, headlights are usually the first one to take damage-depending of course on the angle and level of impact of the collision. If your headlights are either damaged or shattered, you might need to think about repair or even replacement.

If the damage sustained is quite minimal, it'll be a pretty easy DIY operation to do, even for amateurs. All you'll need are headlight replacements, your owner's manual, a couple ordinary tools like a flathead screwdriver, and some protective glasses (and gloves if you can afford them). See, most modern headlights are fitted with halogen lamps for maximum brightness. And if you're all up in your headlight assembly tinkering with the bulbs and electronics, it'll be safer if you're wearing protective gear. You never know when a pressure buildup or an electronic surge will shatter the parts you're working on, possibly causing hot pieces of glass careening towards the exposed parts of your body.

That said, if you don't know where to get a replacement headlight, you're in luck; we sell them right here at Parts Train. Given our reputation for selling only top-notch parts and components, we guarantee you won't be disappointed-especially once you see our rock-bottom prices. But before we let you go, always remember this fact: we all share the open road; it's public property. Children, mothers, and fellow motorists use those same roads; it's our responsibility to keep them as safe as we possibly can. One way to do that is to ensure that you have a complete and consistent view of the road ahead-so make sure those headlights are always functional.