There's just nothing that compares to an instant upgrade to pump up your Toyota Pickup, and there's no other way of doing it than with a brand new set of headers.Our collection of Toyota Pickup headers consists of 480+ varieties, from entry-level stock replacements, those suitable for off-road/track purposes, and even a handful of premium high-performance ones.

For quite a few Toyota Pickup headers, you may need to Toyota Pickup a few changes, just in case measurements are a bit longer or shorter for the one you picked.Available Toyota Pickup headers are the traditional colors that include chrome, black, and silver ceramic coated that should go well with the rest of your exhaust system.While a lot of headers still aren't allowed for us in CA, we also have fifty-state legal ones, so you may still drive your Toyota Pickup deep into the Sunshine State.

With big-name names such as JBA, Gibson, and Flowtech in our listing, how can you really consider anyone else?All you should do is enter your vehicle details, browse the compatible Toyota Pickup headers, select your choice, and simply wait for your order to arrive in your mailbox!