Car Headers

While overly complex at first glance, the internal combustion process is pretty straightforward. You mix air and fuel, ignite it, and you've got driving power. Given the many components that work together to perform this operation, there are plenty of ways to improve your car's performance; take the headers on your exhaust, for instance. One way to squeeze every bit of power from your car's engine is to tweak your car's exhaust system. Think of it this way: every bit of air and fuel that's fed and burnt in the engine creates exhaust by-products. And as the saying goes: what comes in must come out. That's where an aftermarket header helps, physically aiding in the smoother exit of exhaust from the engine.

Why is this purpose of sprint car headers important? Well, when exhaust gases are released more quickly and efficiently than normal, the engine cylinders are free to produce more power. That's because the pistons won't have to exert unnecessary force to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders-as that extra force is already provided by the sucking force of aftermarket headers. To be more specific, having multiple headers on your engine's exhaust manifold significantly improves exhaust flow, as each cylinder's exhaust port gets its own header, ensuring the quicker exit of any exhaust byproducts.

Auto headers are specially designed so that exhaust gases, after passing through these pipes, arrive at the exhaust collector at the same time. This ingenious setup reduces backpressure that restricts exhaust flow out of the engine, the same backpressure that restricts faster, more efficient ignition. When one cylinder releases exhaust gas and another cylinder's emissions haven't completely cleared the manifold, pressure builds up. But when your car's engine is equipped with a set of aftermarket header pipes, almost no backpressure is created. All in all, this makes for optimum driving conditions. But that's not all.

With aftermarket car headers installed in your car, you're also reducing your car's carbon footprint-its adverse impact on the atmosphere. Not only is this good for the environment and everyone unfortunate enough to inhale your car's exhaust gases, it'll also improve fuel efficiency-possibly lessening your car's gas consumption.

So if you're ready to take that extra step of getting the most out of your car, you can always purchase some high-quality headers right here at Parts Train. Remember: your car runs on artificial explosions, a pretty dangerous and rather potentially hazardous way to create power. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your car is to fit it with aftermarket components that'll allow it to control these explosions better-making for a much more efficient engine through the quicker entry and exit of the chemicals involved in the internal combustion process. And should you need anything else to keep your car running smoothly, just browse through our catalog of over a million parts, right here at Parts Train. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed, especially with our prices.