Given its conspicuous location, your header panel is an eye-catching part on your trusty ride. The grille surround is located at the front-most section of your prized Mercury Tracer and it holds a number of components in your ride including your side lights and front grille. Like other parts found your bangin' ride, this durable auto part was built to provide you with a refined and sporty look.

Header panels for your Mercury Tracer ride are typically built with resilient metal material that makes your automobile look extremely sleek. Due to its prominent locations, the header panel of your Mercury Tracer is among the 1st auto parts that are hit when you get into a road crash. If your Mercury Tracer's nose panel becomes malfunctioning for whatever cause, the best move to make is to trade it with a new one without hesitation so that your good ol' car will not look like a travelling train wreck on the road.

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