Given its conspicuous position, your header panel is a noticeable part on your ride. The nose panel is placed at the front side section of your cherished Mercury Cougar and it holds a number of automotive components in your car such as your headlights and grille. Like other parts found your luxurious automobile, this particular car part was made to provide you with a very classy and active vibe.

Made with the best materials that the industry has to offer, header panels for Mercury Cougar will confidently make any driver contented. If you and your well-loved Mercury Cougar get into a road problem, the grille surround is most likely the first part to get smashed and wrecked . If in case your Mercury Cougar's nose panel becomes malfunctioning for any reason, the smartest move to make is to replace it with a brandnew one right away so that your good ol' car would not look like a travelling wreck on the road.

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