Because of its pronounced position, your header panel is a noticeable part on your ride. The header panel is located at the front-most portion of your prized Ford Escort and it carries several automotive components in your car including your side lights and front grille. Just like other items in your bangin' Ford Escort, this specific car part was built to provide you with a refined and active look.

Manufactured using the most reliable materials that the industry has, front panels for Ford Escort will undoubtedly make any driver satisfied and happy. When you and your well-loved Ford Escort get yourself into trouble, the grille support is probably the first to get crushed and wrecked . If ever your Ford Escort's grille support is malfunctioning for any given cause, the smartest decision to make is to trade it with a brandnew one right away so that your reliable would not look like a moving wreck on the streets.

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