Car Header Panels

The modern automobile is a controlled chaotic mess of different parts, connectors, and components made from equally varied materials; it's quite easy to lose track of some of its parts, especially if you're an amateur car owner. Take the header panel for instance. On the front end of your car, it's the panel where your headlights, front grille, a couple side lights, and side grilles are attached. It's mounted to your car via heavy bolts and is located under the hood and over the bumper. Usually, this panel is made of a high-quality plastic for flexibility as well as lightness-making for an efficient mounting mechanism.

Even if it's located directly at the front of your vehicle, the front header panel isn't usually prone to many accidents-partly because it's surrounded by your tougher, metal front chassis. But when you do get in a nasty fender bender or maybe even a head-on collision, the panel is one of the things that might've taken the brunt of the damage. And while the panel itself isn't directly essential to the overall performance of your vehicle, it does hold together some of your car's most important parts like your headlights, several safety lights, and grilles. But the story doesn't end there.

Besides being an effective mounting mechanism, the car header panel provides added protection to the radiator and everything else under the hood that's near the front end of your car. See, the modern car is fitted with tons of safety features that are designed to protect you, your passengers, and the car itself in the event of any collision. Part of these features is the durability of a high-quality, shock-resistant front panel.

If you're a pretty careful driver, you'll most likely never need to worry about your car's front header panel. But since the open road is sometimes akin to a dog-eat-dog world: you never know when any of the riskier drivers out there might accidentally tag your front end for an unprecedented, unwelcome visit-however careful or elusive your own driving is. Should you be unable to avoid getting hit, you should immediately inspect the level of damage that your front end has sustained-especially the front panel.

Check the header panel not just with your eyes, but also with your hands; check to see if the components mounted on it are still intact. Should your observations conclude that you need to replace the panel, or any other part that's been damaged by the collision, you can check out our catalog for any replacement parts, accessories, or components you might need to get your car back in optimum driving condition. Taking care of your car starts with installing only the highest-quality parts available in today's auto industry-parts you can purchase right here at Parts Train. If you decide to shop with us, you'll be treated to an experience with both high standards of quality and reasonable economy-that's our guarantee.