The moment a couple of steel components are connected, they are bound to leave small spaces in between them. These kinds of spaces could potentially cause air leaks, so they must be filled up with an adaptable component called gasket, which in your vehicle, the Mini Cooper head gasket. Generally, a gasket is constructed from cork and/or any kind of elastic material and coated using rubber. It is designed for tough , leak-free duty in the course of its working life. High-performance vehicles call for tougher gaskets in their combustion chambers, which made metal a new sensible choice of manufacturing material.

A good head gasket is made from high-grade metal and covered with rubber-like element to ensure this part withstands the intense thermal stress present in the vehicle combustion assembly. It works to completely seal your Mini Cooper engine from undesirable particulates whilst keeping ‘blow-bys' from leaking out and then triggering detrimental influences on other functioning components inside of the engine compartment. Blow-bys are inefficiently burned unwanted gas and pressurized oil mist that trickle past the piston rings and sump, respectively.

Over time, your head gasket will wear and will certainly require a replacement unit. Fitting a direct substitute in place of your worn head gasket will restore your internal combustion engine's effectiveness and therefore, the automobile. Get the Mini Cooper head gasket from Replacement, Felpro, or Victor Reinz here at Parts Train!