The moment a couple of steel components come together, they leave behind tiny holes somewhere between. These kinds of gaps result in air leaks, so they need to be filled up with a flexible material called gasket, or in your automobile, your Chevrolet Equinox head gasket. A gasket is constructed of adaptable materials that includes rubber for lining. It's designed for heavy-duty sealing task within its working life. High-performance cars call for more durable gaskets to use in their internal combustion engines, thereby, making metal a practical manufacturing material.

A typical head gasket is made of top-grade metal and also covered using rubber-like material to ensure that it overcomes the extreme pressure and heat present in the vehicle combustion area. Lined with flexible rubber-like substance, your metal head gasket keeps blow-bys inside the engine and unwanted things away. Maintaining blow-bys or toxic fumes from seeping out enhances the fuel economy of the vehicle and also the engine-borne pollution is maintained to a low level.

Over time, the head gasket will certainly wear and will need a replacement unit. As soon as this happens, a replacement must be fitted in exchange to help preserve the automobile's efficient performance. Get the Chevrolet Equinox head gasket made by Replacement, Felpro, or Victor Reinz only at Parts Train!