The basic configuration of car engines is the engine block which contains the combustion cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, camshaft, and crankshaft components. Cylinder heads have to be connected to this basic unit, as must be the intake and exhaust manifolds, the oil pan, coolant circulating pump, and the transmission housing. These different components all meet the engine block at machined flat surfaces and each of these interfaces involves fluids under pressure: air and fuel intake gases, combustion exhaust gases, coolant, and lubricating oil. Unless the appropriate surfaces mate correctly to form a tight seal, each of these fluids would leak out between the various parts.

The auto component responsible in sealing all of the combustion chambers as well as the coolant and oil passages between the head and the block is the thing we called head gasket. A head gasket ensures that fluids passing from one part to another do not leak out into the environment. Leaks from engine parts are harmful to the life of the engine and to your car as well. For that reason, it is very crucial to keep your Acura head gaskets in good working condition always. There are different kinds of materials used for the manufacturing of head gaskets though it is common to find graphite head gaskets or multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket on late-model automobile engines.

Now, is your radiator water foamy like soap? Or do you have to add water to your radiator every now and then? Or possibly you are suffering from rapid pressure buildup in your cooling system, before the engine has warmed up. If you experience these things, then you need to look for replacement Audi head gaskets right away. For your replacement Audi head gasket, you can always count on Parts Train. Parts Train will offer you the high-quality Audi head gaskets that you have been looking for. So should you need to replace a damaged Audi head gasket, Parts is the place to go.