Your trusted roadster may need some medical assistance if it does not posses a fully-functional Volvo harmonic balancer. Placedin most modern vehicles, a high-quality harmonic balancer is a damper that suppresses the continuous beating of your auto's strong quivering on the vital crankshaft. Together with the help of a harmonic balancer made by Volvo , you're guarantee to keep your engine unbothered by vibrations and your four-wheeler cruising at its smoothest.

A harmonic balancer is made up of two components: the mass part and the energy dissipating part, which are both divided by a rubber insulator. The turning components of your transmission system can lead tonon-smooth torques and a premium-quality Volvo harmonic balancer can often the vibrations formed because of these. A harmonic balancer is no stranger to damage yielding from the rigid-nature of its function and it's everyday use. When your balancer breaks, it‘s highly advised that you replace it using a top-notch harmonic balancer that was perfectly made by Volvo .

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