Your loyal jalopy may need some TLC if it's lacking a fully-functional Plymouth harmonic balancer. A harmonic balancer is designed to save your engine from the damaging vibrations it's constantly exposed to. A quality harmonic balancer perfectly crafted by none other than Plymouth can certify that your tin-can is driving like a stallion.

A harmonic balancer is comprised of two very important parts: the mass unit and the energy dissipating part, which are separated by an insulator made of rubber. Attached to the front your enginecrankshaft, a brand new Plymouth harmonic balancer was specifically made to lessen torque-induced vibrations and works effectively as a counter to drive belt quaking. Due to the hazards of continuous stress, your factory harmonic balancer can some day crack. When your balancer breaks, it is strongly advised that you exchange it with a top-notch harmonic balancer that was perfectly mastered by the one and only Plymouth .

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