Your loyal car or truck might need some medical assistance if it's lacking a fully-functional Mazda harmonic balancer. A harmonic balancer was designed to rescue your engine crankshaft from the damaging vibrations it's constantly facing. With the aid of a harmonic balancer mastered by Mazda , you're sure to keep your engine crankshaft unbothered by vibrations and your vehicle performing at its smoothest.

Your engine crankshaft is kept safedue to the common harmonic balancer that has a mass component, which efficiently lessens the probable hastening of the vibration, and the Energy Dissipating unit that withstands it. Attached to yourcrankshaft, a brand new Mazda harmonic balancer was manufactured to reduce torsional vibration and works effectively as a counter to drive belt shaking. Because of relentless strain, your current harmonic balancer may sooner or later break. When your balancer falters, it comes strongly advised that you exchange it with the help of a premium-quality harmonic balancer that was mastered by Mazda .

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