A high performance engine is what your Kia Rio needs in order to drive through any weather and road condition effectively. But as your mileage increases, so is the damage that your engine endures. One of the greatest factors that affect the condition of your engine is torsional vibration. As huge amount of vibration is created every time your car runs, this could damage the engine and affect the overall operation of the vehicle. To avoid premature engine wear, you need to equip your car with premium grade harmonic balancer. A good set of harmonic balancer in your Kia Rio ride will allow you to enjoy the reliable service life of the vehicle for a long time.

The Kia Rio harmonic balancer is also known as a vibration dampener. It is installed in the crankshaft of some engines to control the twisting vibration of the crankshaft. It also acts as a silencer that softens the noise from the vibration created as the internal parts of the engine rotates. The harmonic balancer is composed of a hub that is fastened to the crankshaft, an outer weight ring and a squashed in layer of flexible rubber. The rubber is what absorbs the energy of the pulsating crankshaft and dampens these pulsations to safe limits. Designed from tough grade materials, the harmonic balancers can last for miles and miles of driving. With its tough grade construction, it saves you a lot in frequent part replacement.

The rubber component though of the harmonic balancer will deteriorate from heat over time. It could get hard and brittle or soften and decompose because of oil. Damage to the harmonic balancer should be prevented as much as possible because it could lead to worse engine problems sooner or later. Immediately bring your car to a mechanic as soon as your balancer is worn out. If replacement is necessary, do it as soon as possible. If you prolong the use of a defective harmonic balancer, you are only increasing the chance of your engine from getting prematurely worn out.

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