Your trusted roadster might be in need of TLC if it doesn't have a functional Kia harmonic balancer. Locatedinside many modern vehicles, a high-quality harmonic balancer serves as a curb that cushions the continuous banging of your vehicle's strong quivering on the vital crankshaft. A quality harmonic balancer intelligently crafted by Kia will ensure that your car or truck is driving like a steed.

Your engine crankshaft is kept safedue to the common harmonic balancer which is made with a Mass piece, which efficiently lessens the probable spurring of vibrations, and an Energy Dissipating component that withstands it. The moving components of your transmission system may result innot constant torque and a quality Kia harmonic balancer will cushion the vibrations formed because of these. Because of continuous strain, your current harmonic balancer may sooner or later crack. When your balancer falters, it comes strongly recommended that you substitute it with a grade-A harmonic balancer that's mastered by Kia .

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