Your beloved jalopy may need some TLC if it's lacking a fully-functional Hyundai harmonic balancer. A harmonic balancer was designed to rescue your crankshaft from the bludgeoning reverberating it's steadily withstanding. With the aid of a harmonic balancer made by Hyundai , you are guarantee to keep your engine crankshaft unbothered by vibrations and your vehicle performing at its best.

A harmonic balancer consists of two elements: the mass element and the energy dissipating element, which are divided by an insulator made of rubber. Connected to your enginecrankshaft, a sturdy, new Hyundai harmonic balancer is specifically manufactured to decrease torque-induced vibrations and works effectively as a pulley for drive belt shaking. Due to the hazards of everyday strain, your factory harmonic balancer may some day separate. Getting a great harmonic balancer put together by the ever-reliable Hyundai is 110% sure to get your engine crankshaft and your beloved four-wheeler the quality maintenance they deserve.

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