Your engine is a super valuable auto part of your ride and a quality Honda harmonic balancer can help keep it performing properly. A harmonic balancer was created to rescue your engine crankshaft from the bludgeoning quaking that it's constantly exposed to. Thanks to the help of a harmonic balancer made by Honda , you're guarantee to keep your engine unbothered by vibrations and your vehicle performing at its peek.

A harmonic balancer is comprised of two components: the mass and the energy dissipating part, which are parted by an insulator. Attached to the front portion of your enginecrankshaft, a new Honda harmonic balancer was specifically made to decrease torque-induced vibration and serves as a counter to drive belt shaking. A harmonic balancer is no stranger to malfunctions thanks to the rigid-nature of its purpose and it's continuous use. Getting a superb harmonic balancer perfected by Honda is sure to provide your crankshaft and your ride the necessary maintenance they need.

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