The harmonic balancer inside your car's engine is a very significant component that your reliable Dodge just can't live without. Your Dodge harmonic balancer is handily situated at the front part of the crank where it functions as a cushion. The crank puller damper looks much like a pulley and it lessens torsional vibration give off by the firing of your automotive cylinders, that when excessive may trigger crankshaft failure.

Due to its extremely hard task, you'll start to see that most harmonic balancers for Dodge deteriorate after a while. Maintaining a damaged torsional damper in your automobile will bring you more problems so need you to replace it with a brand new part soon. If you want to reduce your spending and plan to do the replacement job all by yourself, make sure that you get a brand-new automotive part that complements all the requirements of your swell ride to avoid hiccups in your installation.

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