Your Cadillac vehicle certainly will never survive without a fully functional harmonic balancer. Your Cadillac harmonic balancer is the auto component that's mainly responsible for safeguarding your engine's crankshaft from stress and rupturing. The vibration damper looks just like a pulley and it lessens resonance brought by the firing of your cylinders, that when excessive may cause shaft breakdown.

Harmonic balancers for Cadillac are typically made of very durable metal or rubber materials although given the enormous amount of stress it undergoes whenever you drive, it will eventually wear down or totally stop working. Having a broken torsional damper in your car's system will bring you more troubles so need you to replace it with a new one soon. Making time for your own vehicle is an excellent DIY project so look for just about all the necessary gizmos that you will need to able to do it just like your mechanic.

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