The engine is exposed not just to extreme heat and pressure but also to the inevitable vibrations coming from the system itself or due to the irregularities of the road. This component therefore needs proper protection to make sure that it will last longer, considering that engine repair or overhaul is quite expensive. One of the useful devices that you should have for your engine is the harmonic balancer.

An excellently designed Harmonic balancer can reduce wear on the bearings and other important engine parts that can be disturbed by vibrations. This is basically connected to the crankshaft, aiming to minimize torsional vibration. Once the cylinders fire, torque is produced then the crankshaft deflects and vibrations are set. There are instances when torque is imparted harmoniously with the vibrations in the crankshaft, resulting to resonance. Such resonance can cause stress that can eventually result to crankshaft breakdown. This is one of the reasons why harmonic balancer is important.

A harmonic balancer is usually composed of a mass and an energy dissipating elements. The mass dissipating element is responsible for the resistance on vibration acceleration while the energy dissipating element is designed for absorbing such vibration. These harmonic balancer elements are continually exposed to heat, cold, oil, and other chemicals. Hence, cracks may develop in the crankshaft. On the other hand, the harmonic balancer can contain deteriorated parts. The rubber will dry out in time, then cracks will start to show up. Metal sections will then get separated, which can lead to unconnected spinning from the hub.

Replacing the harmonic balancer is not a simple job. You will need a special pulling device that can come in a good harmonic balancer kit. In case you are not sure with your own skills, you can hire a qualified mechanic to do the task for you. Always make sure that you look for the finest harmonic balancer choices in the market to find the right one for your Buick Century.

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