Although grilles aren't installed merely for artistic purposes, they are exceptionally popular pieces in your vehicle's customization puzzle. They are often restyled or customized to achieve a remarkable change in the vehicle's front fascia. So if you notice that your Jeep grilles already have that shabby and damaged appearance, it is always good to replace your Jeep grille shell with a new unit.

The difference of a grille shell from other grille kits is that it already has a grille insert installed. Jeep grille shells are available in various designs so you can freely choose the one that matches your styling preferences. Whether you want to maintain your Jeep's handsome and rugged looks, or you want it to look more stylish and sophisticated, you can get the type of grille shell that will help you achieve that.

The wide range of grille shell choices in the automotive market includes phantom grille shell, grille shell with speed grille, grille shell with billet grille insert, specialty grille shell, stock replacement and update grille shell. The grille shells with billet grille insert and those with speed grille are available in either chrome or paintable finish. But the latter type can also be obtained with grille choices such as chrome speed grilles, polished stainless steel speed grilles and brushed speed grilles.

Phantom grille shell, on the other hand, is called such because it covers up the headlights of your vehicle. This type of grille shell kit uses a modified shell that has a billet bar grille. If you prefer a custom look, specialty grille shell are perfect. But if you prefer to simply update the car's appearance, update grille shell can be employed.

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