Car Grille Inserts

Improving the looks of your car's front end doesn't have to be tedious or expensive, not if you know where to find the right type of grille insert. This handy component can give your car a fresh new face. With the right design choices, a simple insert can greatly improve your car's visual appeal whether you want it to look tighter, wider, meaner, flashier, or subtler-depending on your preference. And more than just vanity components, some inserts can even improve the performance of your grille. To find out more, let's start with the different types of inserts you can choose from.

Modern grille inserts come in five major types: classic billet, speed and mesh, designer stainless, solid billet, and the coveted specialty insert. They also come in various designs and sizes, so it's easy to find one that will fit your ride perfectly. The first billet type features classic lines and smooth looks. On the other hand, the speed and mesh type features a more distinct wire-mesh appearance, as it comes in various finishes such as brushed, polished, and chrome. The designer stainless, as you might've already guessed from its name, is made from stainless steel and is considered as the flashy type of insert. There's also the aluminum solid billet offering a classy and rather luxurious appearance. And last but definitely not the least, there's the specialty insert that caters to extreme designs and is made from either steel or aluminum. Of all these types to choose from, how do you know which one to install on your car's fascia?

Well, that depends on what you want for your car. As mentioned earlier, a car grille insert is more than just a vanity accessory. If you want more protection for your car's facade and what's under the hood, you can bolt an insert over your existing one, building a tighter cage against damaging road debris.

But with this option, the grille that's under the bolt-over one might still be visible-visually unappealing in some vehicle makes and models. If you want, you can opt to remove the existing stock grille to fit the new insert in. And if this is your first DIY car repair job, it's a good way to start-installing grille inserts is one of the easiest jobs you can perform on your own.

Just make sure you know what you're doing-you don't want to mess up the front end of your car just because you rushed into performing the installation. Check your owner's manual first if need be; some vehicles come with pre-drilled holes for aftermarket grille insert installation. And more importantly, make sure you purchase and install an insert from a source you can trust with both quality and economy; fortunately for you, you're already at Parts Train.