Car Grille Guards

The open road is a harsh and unforgiving mistress, especially when you're cruising at high speeds when even the littlest piece of road debris can become a potentially lethal projectile. Enter the grille guard. Most people think that this accessory is just for vanity's sake. Well, since it does come in various designs, you'll surely stand out from the crowd if you have it installed. But aside from superb looks, it's also crucial in protecting the grille from harmful debris, deflecting small particles that might make their way into the engine compartment and cause all sorts of damage to some very crucial components under the hood.

The typical car grille guard is crafted from different kinds of damage-resistant steel tubing. For extra protection, some even come in several finishes that protect them from scratches and corrosion, ensuring longer service time. These days, most guards are so tough that they don't only protect the grille but are also very effective as bumpers, able to handle minor to major collisions with minimized damage to your car. With one of these babies installed, your car can even handle some low-speed pushing without causing any real damage to its front end-hence its other name: the "push guard."

If you're the type who loves to tear up challenging off-road tracks, a reliable car grille guard can be your best friend. Since it's positioned up front, it even extends the protective steel tubing to your car's headlights-ensuring that the bigger rocks and obstacles you might encounter on- or off-road won't be able to do a thing to damage those lights.

And while most insist that grille guards are just for show, we only agree to that partly. While the guard certainly does provide solid front-end protection for your ride, it does look awesome if you pick just the right one for your car. Whether you want your car to look menacing with a Hannibal-Lecter-like steel facemask, or you're just looking for the best protection you can provide for your ride, this nifty add-on can do both jobs. And if you're an amateur auto-DIY enthusiast, don't worry; it's one of the easiest aftermarket components to install, especially if your car already comes with pre-drilled guard bolt holders.

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