Car Grilles

Besides the different bolts that hold some car components together, the grille is perhaps the simplest part of your car. It's the steel opening at the front of your car that allows air into the radiator, aiding in its function of cooling the engine. The principle behind the grille is as simple as the component: the more you drive forward, the more air is pushed into the grille, the better your radiator can do its job. Most grilles come with a metal or plastic insert that adds a touch of design to the front end of your car, giving it a more distinct visual appeal that sets it apart from similar car makes and models on the road.

That is if you replace your stock grille with some aftermarket grilles and their corresponding accessories like the grille guard or insert. They're a great way to customize your car, and not just for the reasons we've mentioned earlier. Because also, grille installation is one of the easiest maintenance issues you can perform on your vehicle. If you haven't tried any auto DIY projects yet, installing one of these is a good start.

Not only does it look great, a good, durable grille can also protect your radiator and the front mount intercooler and other vital engine components. That's because grilles are designed in such a way that they allow only the passage of air and water. This prevents small rocks and other road debris from getting inside your engine, especially when you're cruising on high-speeds when even the smallest piece of debris can potentially become a dangerous projectile that can damage whatever's under your hood.

Most grilles, during installation, don't even require you to remove your front bumper or cut away any part of your vehicle. So search for a grille that'll fit your vehicle precisely. And since a good grille is the centerpiece of your car's face, positioned in a rather dangerous spot on your vehicle (up front), most grilles are made of tough carbon steel, powder coated for maximum durability in all driving conditions. There's even a high-density rubber "U" gasket around the edge, giving the grille a finished look while protecting your car's finish upon installation.

For car manufacturer's, the grille is more than just a protective and aesthetic component. The shape of a grille is essential in giving a brand, make, or model its own distinctive appearance; in this way, grilles are also a brand identifier. If yours is damaged and looks to be irreparable, you can find a high-quality replacement right here at Parts Train. And while you're here, check out the many guards, inserts, shells, and anything else you might need to improve the look and protect your car's front end.