Car Gas Caps

It's pretty much safe to say that the Earth is already suffocating from the gases our industrial complexes have released onto its atmosphere. Lessen your own car's contribution to these harmful gases: make sure you've got a gas cap that's securely fastened to your car. Contrary to popular belief, the cap's primary job is not to prevent fuel in liquid form from spilling out of your car when you're driving. There's a flapper valve for that, it's installed nearer the tank-it's also an anti-roll valve, preventing further fuel spillage when your car rolls over. Anyway, while the cap can prevent liquid spillage too, its real job is to provide a virtually hermetic seal to your fuel system. This ensures that fuel in its gas form, otherwise known as gas fumes, won't escape your vehicle.

Why's that important? Well, like we said, the Earth doesn't need more harmful gases clogging its atmosphere. Besides that, there's also the issue of wasted fuel. Defective gas caps will let gas fumes escape, slowly siphoning out your car's own fuel supply. Leave a defective cap unchecked long enough and soon, you'll find that you'll need to refuel more frequently-fattening up your already hefty car maintenance budget.

It's just good sense to keep a durable, reliable car gas cap installed on your vehicle. Depending on your car's make and model, you can choose from either of two types of caps: the fender well or the exposed cap. The former is made of zinc and is concealed by a small door that conforms to the shape of your car's exterior. The latter, on the other hand, is made from a combination of chromium and nickel. Unlike the fender well type, it's exposed and doesn't have a door. Additionally, whether your car's fitted with a fender well or exposed cap, most modern caps have a pre-vent feature that prevents fuel from spraying out once the cap is loosened.

Reliable gas caps save not just fuel but also lives. Any amount of leaking gas fumes is a definite safety hazard. And if an ignition source isn't close enough to blow you and your car up in the event of a leak, then it's you and your passengers' long-term health that might be in danger. There's a reason why gas fumes hurt the nose; they're not supposed to go inside our lungs. And while the occasional accidental sniffing of gas fumes isn't harmful, prolonged exposure is-possibly even leading to bone-marrow damage.

Avoid these instances completely by getting a reliable, durable gas cap that won't just lessen your car's impact on the environment, but might also save you and your passengers' lives. Coincidentally, you can purchase this cap, as well as other car parts, tools, and accessories from us at Parts Train. Just browse through our catalog of over a million items for anything else you might need to keep your car running on optimum performance.