Car GPS Trackings

Since ancient times, we've invented several thousand different methods just to avoid getting lost. There's the classic flag, obelisk, or lighthouse: all of which use height and light to guide travelers from afar. There's the simple mark on a tree or stacked-up stones to indicate where to turn in a trackless path. There's even the still-widely-used sign and arrow to point you to the right direction. Don't get us wrong, all of these are effective methods; but none are as effective as the modern GPS tracking system. Since we've figured out how to launch satellites into space, the concept of GPS has been around. Today, it's revolutionized the way we pinpoint exact locations and destinations when we're on the road-not just in America, but worldwide.

Due to the competitive nature of the communications industry, car GPS tracking systems have been continually evolving, trying to keep up with the dynamic lifestyle of the modern-day driver. As such, different navigation systems have been devised by various competing companies. But whichever type of GPS device you choose, they all work on the same principle. How does GPS work exactly? We're glad you asked.

GPS trackings work by sending out signals into space. These signals are directed to the various satellites we've sent up there over the years. To get the signals to properly bounce back and relay information wherever you're located, the tracking system has to have an unobstructed straight line towards a minimum of at least four satellites. And considering the number of satellites we have orbiting the planet right now (a couple thousand), it would be hard to get lost in a car that's fitted with GPS

While modern car GPS tracking systems aren't perfect, don't worry, we're getting there. Problems with GPS technology span from a variety of root causes: electrical storms, faulty satellite equipment, unpredictable delays in signal movement in the ionosphere, and several others. But while we can't do anything to prevent these mostly natural root causes, what we can do is install a GPS system that's bound to be reliable.

Fortunately, we at Parts Train understand the value of a high-quality, reliable GPS tracking device. While you're here, why not check out our massive catalog of over a million car parts, accessories, and tools for anything else you might need? We can assure you that whatever you order from us will arrive at your door securely and on time-otherwise, we're prepared to pay the price; just look up our shipping information accessible from either the top or bottom of this page. And remember: while our old, manual methods of finding our way on the road were and are still effective, nothing beats an accurate GPS device. With several satellites orbiting the Earth and working on your side, how can you ever feel lost again?