Car Fuel Tank Straps

Explosions are awesome: there's just no going around that fact. But if it's your own car that's at risk of exploding, that's not awesome at all. Enter the fuel tank strap. From its name, you already know what it's for: a strap that helps keep your fuel tank in place. Usually made from corrosive-resistant, high-quality metals for strength and durability, tank straps are essential to your car's fuel dispensing system. Without good straps to secure your fuel tank, it'll definitely get knocked around whenever you drive your car-and in case you don't know what the dangers of a damaged fuel tank are, read on.

Besides causing irreparable damage to your tank, defective fuel tank straps can do so much more. To begin with, if your tank leaks, you're wasting fuel while simultaneously creating a fire hazard or time bomb right inside your car-practically the stuff of action movies-which you don't want to happen.

And if your car hasn't exploded yet, there's the concern of the several devices on your tank being damaged as well-devices like the fuel relay, fuel sending unit, filler pipe, plus the various tubes and fuel lines connected to the tank. Defective fuel tank straps won't just make for some really expensive maintenance issues; they also threaten the lives of anyone who happens to be inside or near your car. Think about that for a second.

And now, having already highlighted the possible dangers of a defective car fuel tank strap, let's move on to a lighter issue. How many straps does a gas tank really need? Well, it entirely depends on the make and model of your vehicle plus the shape of the tank. Naturally, smaller vehicles need smaller and fewer straps, while it's the opposite for larger vehicles. There are different types of tank straps that are available for your car. These are the support straps, right side tension straps, left side tension straps, left outer tension strap, inner left tension strap, inner right tension strap, and outer right tension strap. But this is just an overview; again, the number and sizes of your tank straps depend on what type of vehicle you're driving. Just make sure you get the right straps so you, your passengers, and your car won't be susceptible to the dangers we talked about earlier.

Additionally, whenever you can, or when you're coming off of a rough ride, it's important to check each fuel tank strap if any one of them needs replacement. Should that be the case, you can purchase some pretty durable, dependable straps right here at Parts Train. Remember: while explosions may be awesome, your own car exploding is not-so keep yourself, your passengers, your car, and your fuel tank safe and secure by purchasing and installing only the highest-quality tank straps.