The job of your Hyundai fuel system is to store and deliver the vehicle's lifeblood or the fuel to the cylinder chamber, the component where fuel will be mixed with air, then vaporized and burned to generate energy. The fuel that's needed by the vehicle in producing power can either be diesel or gasoline. When not in used, the fuel is stored in the fuel tank, one of the fuel system's major components. Via the fuel lines, the fuel pump draws the fuel from its reservoir. It will be delivered by means of a fuel filter to a fuel injector or a carburetor and then sent to the cylinder chamber to be used up for engine combustion.

The size, location and design of your Hyundai fuel tank are always dependent on the available space in the vehicle. In most automobiles, a single tank can be found in the rear portion. Many of the fuel tanks today possess internal baffles that thwart the fuel from splashing back and forth. The moment you hear uncommon noises in the vehicle's rear when you accelerate and decelerate, check your baffles because they might be broken. All fuel tanks, including Hyundai fuel tank, have a fuel filler pipe. It is a fuel line which serves as an outlet to the vehicle's engine and vent system.

Like any other tank, Hyundai fuel tanks have to be vented. Before 1970 model year, fuel tanks were vented to the environment, giving off hydrocarbon emissions. From 1970, all fuel tanks are vented into the engine by means of a charcoal canister in order for it to be burned before it will be emitted to the atmosphere. Also, fuel tanks may have a drain plug in its bottom section for it to be drained and cleaned when needed.

Some automotive fuel tanks are made of metal and because of their construction, they become susceptible to damage and deterioration due to the corrosive elements present in the fuel. And these corrosive elements may cause holes and leaks which can lead to more serious damage. Good thing, replacement Hyundai fuel tanks are available in most auto-part stores whenever you need them. Parts Train is among the industry's most reliable suppliers of Hyundai fuel tanks. Sourced from world-class auto-part manufacturers, all the Hyundai fuel tanks we offer are guaranteed to be high quality. So anytime you need Hyundai fuel tank, don't go elsewhere.