Most of us are familiar with the vehicle's fuel delivery system. It is the system made up of various components that work hand in hand to transport fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Basically, the fuel delivery system is made up of a fuel pump, fuel line and a fuel filter. As the fuel arrives at the engine compartment, it flows via fuel injection system and into the engine to get burned together with air in the process of combustion. But aside from this system, there are other components responsible for the proper transportation and consumption of the fuel in your BMW vehicle and that include BMW fuel sending unit.

Located in the fuel tank of your BMW vehicle, BMW fuel sending unit is made up of a float, a metal rod, a resistor and a wiper. The float is naturally made up of foam and is connected to the thin metal rod. The end portion of the rod is attached to a variable resistor, an electrical mechanism that's capable of resisting the flow of electricity. The variable resistor in a fuel tank is composed of a strip of resistive substance linked on one side to the ground. Along this strip of material slides a wiper which is connected to the gauge. The job of the said wiper is to deliver the current from the gauge to the resistor.

When the float gets near the top of the tank, the wiper positioned on the variable resistor becomes close to the grounded side of the strip. This means that there is a small resistance and a reasonably large amount of current passes through the sending unit and back to the fuel gauge. However, as the level in the tank goes down, the float sinks and the wiper moves afterwards. This causes an increase in resistance and a decrease in the quantity of current that's delivered back to the gauge.

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