In case your fuel pumpgets unpredictable or ceases to function, it is possible that the Volvo 244 fuel pump relay is damaged. It's the ride's fuel pump relay which adjusts the operation of the fuel pump by merely supplying the power required to power up and power down the pump.

Unlike some other auto components, it'll be easy to detect a malfunctioning fuel pump relay since its primary indicator is difficulty in activating your vehicle; there are also cases when the pump produces odd sound for like 10 seconds or even more right after startup, yet it doesn't imply upgrading your relay at once because it's also possible that the pump is acting up. Hence, it is recommended for you to find out the trouble first and if you're certain that it's the fuel pump relay that is creating the problems within your ignition and fuel delivery systems, then don't hesitate in repairing or possibly changing it.

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